Required Federal Reporting Measures

Title I schools are subject to federally-required designations. Title I schools may be designated as Reward: High Achievement, Reward: High Progress, Focus, Priority, or Undesignated based on meeting the federal requirements associated with each designation.

Accountability data includes the ‘All Students’ group and the ‘Historically Underperforming Subgroup’ results for students in the school who meet the definition during the reported year. The minimum N size for all groups is 11.

Accountability data sets include:

  • Only students enrolled for a Full Academic Year (FAY).
  • A cap of the percentage of students who participated in the Pennsylvania Alternate State Assessment (PASA).

Achievement data uses:

  • All students regardless of length of enrollment.
  • No cap of the percentage of students who participated in the PASA.

On this site you will find:
  • School Federal Reporting Measures
  • District Federal Reporting Measures
  • State Federal Reporting Measures

Last updated on: 03/27/2018

Note: Achievement results and growth results (PVAAS) must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning. To view the growth results of Pennsylvania’s local education agencies (LEAs), go to:
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